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Venice gondolier sun. ( July 14, 2013 )

So here is the first original pressing and copies in existence are very few and far in between. It just never turns up and so far I know of only a handful of people owning a copy of this edition. But the music is what really counts here and that is a vicious one. Recorded live at the Berlin Jazz Festival on November 6 th , By doing so he creates a wonderful eerie fusion of acoustic and electronic generated sounds that mingle with the free jazz aesthetic the groups exerts.

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The two side-long tracks are pregnant with a buzzing electronically charged tension that hovers in the air and almost sets the scene for an aquanautic-like recorded free improv brawl. The overall atmosphere is dense and inseminated with a thunder like tension that looms over the session, like the moist heat and threatening tempestuous winds assembling and gathering furious strength on the horizon ready to unleash their wrath and tropical tempestuous anger upon mankind.

A roaring silence pregnant with suspense and danger which unleashes its full swirling whirl-blasting rage upon coming of age on side two. I guess this is as close one can come simulating the sounds of sitting in the midst of a tornado with debris flying around your head. This is a rare white label promotion copy. This first edition box set version is super rare since the record bombed upon its release and failed to sell any copies.

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Some years later down the road, the Express label released it as a single jacket budget issue housed in a different quite hideously designed jacket, which is more easily available. Original US pressing in sublime condition. What makes the album so cool is that they have not one but two wild guitarists, and the dual lead guitars spew fuzz and feedback brilliantly throughout. Awesome wild fuzz drenched psych snarler that rivals with all the best records of that time.

Awesome and great copy to boot, just a shy away from NM, so EX all way round. Hopelessly rare 1 st original Japanese pressing — white label test pressing — complete with impossible to get OBI. Killer UK psychedelic white trashy blues-rock. The Japanese issue with obi just never surfaces on these shores, believe me they are insanely rare and collectible.

Sonic wise, it blows the UK press out of the water, stellar mastering and pressing quality back in the day. First time ever I see a 1st original Japanese pressing of this beauty with obi. Rare Japanese first original pressing all complete with obi. Street Corner Talking is the seventh studio album by the band Savoy Brown. Released by Parrot in , it was the first album released by the band since the departure of Lonesome Dave Peverett, Roger Earl, and Tone Stevens who all went on to form the band Foghat.

This left Kim Simmonds as the only original member left in the group. Simmonds recruited a fresh lineup of musicians, which, in turn, ushered in a new sound for the band. Original French pressing in TOP condition. The first achievement in included three LPs and a book containing the author's comments on each of the sound samples.

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This is an in-depth reflection on the nature of sound. Some of the themes are the timbre of the sounds and the concept of the musical instrument, the time limits of the ear, a typology of musical objects, and the four elements of music theory. It is primarily intended for those who work with sound material. These investigations find their culmination in this ominous set here.

The focus lies on sound accessing the stage of "musical object" when it meets certain criteria that make it "appropriate" to be used as music and it is presented here for the first time with the concept of "reduced listening". This revolutionary concept overturns traditional attitudes of listening to music, or even listening at all. It consisted of a radical form of listening, freed from source concepts the origin of the sound and the sense cultural significance, in particular in order to relate to its intrinsic characteristics, its material, hearing texture, shape.

Today this Treaty is one of the most important reference in the theoretical musical research in the twentieth century. Housed in extremely fragile carton box clean with just a small crease. Always damaged or with the outer box missing, this copy here is the best condition possible and all complete, so … Price: Offers!!!!! This was the first release of a complete set of 5 that in total span over 10 individual records.

This was the second release of a complete set of 5 that in total span over 10 individual records. This was the third release of a complete set of 5 that in total span over 10 individual records. This was the fourth release of a complete set of 5 that in total span over 10 individual records.

This was the fifth and final release of a complete set of 5 that in total span over 10 individual records. Who needs an introduction to Pierre Schaeffer, inventor of Musique Concrete?

First original pressing in top condition. Japan original first pressing from Blackpool outfit's Factory recording and quite simply has both sides of one of the most important record of the early shitty eighties in the wake of the fall out of New Order, Looking From A Hilltop. It was a more melodic, polished and musically eclectic venture as compared to their previous releases and saw the band sonically exploring further genres and dynamics.

There was a faint light ahead at the end of the tunnel it seemed back then and for that alone — in retrospect its worth price of admission alone, a b-boy electro classic which was a massive tune in Brooklyn at the time. Incredibly, still sounding completely contemporary, its hard to find words for a tune that has provided the backdrop to my teenage mischief so many years ago.

Original Japanese pressing with obi. Original 1 st pressing out of housed in heavy gatefold jacket in sealed condition, so I guess upgrading on this one will be out of the question. This album is just fantastic. Here the band had the audacity to experiment with record company money and studio downtime in order to squeeze out an utterly noncommercial but amazing disc that defines a isolated spot in space and time, alienating them from their garage pop audience but giving them instead all the underground credibility and a chance to align themselves with a new sound that would secure them a place in history, at least as far as my personal musical history is concerned.

Venice gondolier sun.

Saxon writes in the inner-sleeve essay "Originations of the Flower Generation" " The farmer lives by the elements alone, the sun, the rain, and the earth, but the earth needs its seeds to sow the flower generation of the leaf and crying there on the earth below". It's heady stuff, the droning organ riffage, passionate sneering garage vocals of Saxon, fuzzed out guitars strung out on whatever was available, all of these elements permeates incessantly throughout the whole of the disc.

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  8. The leadoff single, "A Thousand Shadows" is a fuzz-out and the rest of the album gives way to a very strange quest to sound complex. The complexities begin with the album cover with its gatefold and flower cut-outs and lushly printed photos, a Saxon-penned essay, all the works and no expenses spared. The music on the other hand displays a band allowed to run amok in a studio with the label footing the cost. This leads to a bizarre glee that permeates this album, from its whimsical and bewildering array of sound effects and exotic instruments, to the ultimately charming and naive playing and singing.

    Bloody rare Japan only single issue with Japan only picture sleeve design in top shape, just never turns up, first copy I see in over 15 years. Bloody rare Japan only jacket design issue all complete with even rarer obi — white label promo copy as issued in November Top condition and monstrously rare! Original US first original pressing. Sure, the lyrics are suitably mind-bending, but Jan Savage's guitar playing is pure country. It works in spite of itself, but is hardly representative of the rest of the material it's the only song co-written by Kim Fowley.

    It also proves that, contrary to popular belief, the Seeds did have other musical interests beyond psych, garage, and blues. In it, Sky Saxon b. The other numbers adhere to a more traditional psych standard. Although there's no topping their first two releases, Seeds and Web of Sound, fans are sure to find Fallin' off the Edge of interest. Top condition copy, so…. Long gone and deleted limited LP release that came out over a decade ago in a run of only copies. Archive recordings from almost 30 years ago by Seishokki a band formed in Asahikawa in northern Japan while it's members were still in high school.

    The story goes that the band's musical influences were as likely to be only heard of as actually heard but original member Ikuro Takahashi who has since gone on to perform with a veritable who's who list of outfits that includes Fushitsusha, High Rise, Che-Shizu and Maher Shahal Hash Baz recalls that along the way various members of the band had been moved by the extended thump and drone of Faust with Tony Conrad, the deep synthesizer explorations of Klaus Schulze and the passionate avant-folk of Kazuki Tomokawa. The onset of punk may have contributed a little to the freedom a bunch of non-musicians felt to start a band but Takahashi has suggested that a lot of their inspiration came from what was probably a misunderstanding of minimalism.

    The result falls somewhere between the original Amon Duul LPs and "Outside the Dream Syndicate" with a nod to the soon to come explosion of Noise in the Japanese underground. These are believed to be the only surviving recordings of this band with the exception of a vocal track with lyrics concerning an eternal teenage concern deemed too mortifying for release.

    Getting damned scarce these babies and the music is nothing short of utterly stellar, one of the greatest underground outfits to seep out of Japan. Great stuff, long out of print and desperately needed for an urgent reappraisal. Mint copy!!

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    Original US pressing of this psychedelic raga induced mind bender. Addictive and beautiful garage-basement psychedelic raga jams with Buzzy Linhart on guitar and vocals. Basement Eastern stuff with percussion and flute made up out of sidelong head spinning tracks and a cyclone cellar vibe brimming over with primitive anthropoid vibes and tribal cave man stomp that will put you in a naked dance trance. A classic. Rare 1 st original pressing, totally underrated and vanished trashy psych killer LP.

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    Record comes in a beautiful gimmick cover, fold out with inner 6 paged attached booklet, all with loads of pictures, poster etc. Well this is one stunning album that was released in November Sharp Five were an instrumental GS psychedelic garage Combo. This is their best-recorded album, you can ask any Japanese psych collector about it, he will agree. Vicious guitar licks, surf induced wah-wah and fuzz-distorted interceptions, all pored over with an oriental sonic garage back base.

    This really rocks and stings like a bat out of hell.

    61ST ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics

    A vicious party slammer, psyched up, fuzzed-out and fuelled up ready to leave burning tire tracks all over your sorry ass. We speak of here, real stunning album and quite rare these days. For psych heads. Every track is a winner, all killer and no filler of s dark-wave greatness!!! Original German press of this fantastic female vocal psych folk album. I guess that most of you are familiar with the Shelagh Mc Donald story, of how she recorded two amazing beautiful albums before she had a bad acid trip experience and vanished from the face of the earth until she was discovered again in living in a trailer, cut off from the world for all that time.

    It all began in the s when McDonald managed to make her way down to London where she dove head first into the burgeoning British folk scene and simultaneously shifted also back and forth to Bristol, where the live folk club scene was also thriving. Soon thereafter, she got noticed and picked up by Roberton who booked time for her in at Sound Techniques in London studio run by legends Joe Boyd and engineer John Wood to record songs for her first album, The Shelagh McDonald Album.

    Once canned, the album got great reviews. The album was largely ignored upon its release. The music on the other hand is some of the most eye-popping UK female folk you will ever hear.