Decode this plymouth vin decoder

Interpret the fifth character. This letter indicates the car line. There were several models produced over the years.

Chrysler VIN Decoding, 1926 - 2005: Dodge, Plymouth, DeSoto, Jeep

Interpret the sixth character. This digit indicates the vehicle class. Interpret the seventh character. This digit indicates the body type and style. The number 2 is for a two-door hardtop; 5 for a two-door convertible; 6 for a four-door sedan; and 9 for a specialty coupe. Interpret the eighth character.

How to Decode a Chrysler VIN Number

This indicates the engine type used. There are many engine codes and they changed from year to year.

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Some of the more common engines codes are C for a 3. The ninth character is a check digit to verify the VIN. Decode the 10th character.

This indicates the model year. The number 1 is for a , 2, for , 3 for , 4 for , 5 for , 6 for , 7 for , 8 for , and 9 for Locate the 11th digit.

I can't find the number that is in my paperwork on the car!

This letter indicates the plant location. Decode the remaining six characters. The last six digits are the serial number and designate the production sequence of the vehicle.

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Step 1 Locate the VIN number. Step 2 Interpret the first character. Step 3 Interpret the second character.

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If you know the full, correct VIN of your Mopar, you can determine the year, make, model, body style and engine that is original to that car, much to the chagrin of our Bowtie Brethren who are lost without a numbers-matching engine under the hood. This is designed as a learning tool, so play around with it and see what different characters in the VIN mean.

See what changing the price class does to the model, or changing the year does to the engine. The script contains no error checking, so entering a bad VIN will return a bad result. If you want more accurate information from a particular VIN, use the decoder at the top of the screen. Have fun!

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