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Yes, we make our dogs mad sometimes! You decide when he goes out, where he goes. You have the control. To deny that is lazy and selfish. Yes they react out of frustration, anxiety, boredom, and other emotions that we can cause by shirking our responsibilities as owners. You are the reason your dog misbehaves.

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Realize the anger is in you, not your dog. Fix yourself. Washing my sons beding every day sometimes two times a day. I need to know how to stop this from happening.

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I adopted a 5 year old dog because an owner like you. Start learning how to train your dog and input dicipline with love and respect. My husband is a OTR truck driver and is gone all week but comes home on the weekends, but when he is home my dog will poop and pee in the house and he does it in the middle of the night when we are sleeping. My dog never does it when my husband comes home.

Is he mad at me or jealous. He is definitely jealous that you are intimate with your hubby and he is left out. He has your total affection all week and he suffers anxiety at the week-end. No he is not mad at you. My housebroken puppy pees when he is told no to something. Once I told him no and he looked directly at me and peed on the floor. I am lost as to what to do with my 9 month old german shepherd puppy and I could use your advice. My puppy is potty trained and crate trained. He loves his kennel too as he will intentionally go into it and sleep at night even though both our dogs are more than welcome to sleep with us in our bed at night.

We know that he is high energy due to breed, but I am home everyday until 2 and my husband is usually home by He plays hard all day with our other dog, a pitbull mix, and loves going in his kennel when I am about to leave.

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We take him out before we leave and he always gets a treat when he goes into his kennel. But everyday without fail he manages to pee in his kennel, we have tried leaving him out and if we do that he will not have any accidents but chews everything up. He is not fixed, could this be the cause of him peeing? If so or not what would be your suggestions to resolve this. Thank you for your time! Combined with the chewing when not crated, this pretty clearly points to separation anxiety fueled by pent-up needs for mental, physical, and social stimulation outside of the house.

Most dogs need to walk — trek far and wide to explore, sniff, track, and meet, not just have a backyard — and socialize with lots of new friends of all ages shapes and sizes every day. This helps a lot.

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I am always asking my dog why does she does this? I can take her out and 30 minutes later she will pee in the house, she will even pee more than once at the same time just in a different spot. I will try ALL of these things and tell you guys what happens. Thank you for this. My dog has peed multiple times after being kenneled for punishment.

She bites me and I try to distract her with a toy, she completely disregards the ten toys, and goes for my skin. I kennel her when she refuses to play with a toy and bite me instead. Recently she has started peeing once she is let out. And yes she gets exercise and plays at a dog park daily. The biting and dominant marking will be just the tip of the iceberg if you continue this pattern of punishment.

My dog is 11 years old and has always been very good, weeing outside. But recently I left my bedroom door open while I was out shopping.

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I told her, as usual, to stay and look after the house. I always leave the back door open so she can freely go in and out. She has a bed in the lounge and one outside. When I returned she had ruffled my bed and done a big wee on it. The next time I went shopping I shut my bedroom door but she scratched the paint to try to get in there. So I built a gate from the lounge to the hallway leading to my room. She managed to break down the gate and enter my room while I was out shopping and again she did a wee on my bed. She attacks my only sanctuary.

I do believe this is revenge. What do you suggest? The cause here is obviously your mother moving in, as you note. Nevertheless, naming the cause is largely irrelevant to what you do about it. Regular walks, social outlets offleash, and mental stimulation outside the house. Then add to that, to start off, not leaving her alone for very long for a week or so. Allow her to settle into the changes and become comfortable. Then gradually increase the times alone, as she becomes more comfortable.

Anxieties are almost always treatable with a mix of exercise, social outlets, and obedience routines.

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Good luck and keep me posted! As an advanced species those emotions are heightened and perhaps fractured into sub categories but they are NOT unique. It does exist. Revenge is not the correct word, but your dog is communicating her feelings of frustration at being pushed aside in the only way she knows how.

She cannot speak and dogs do not like changes to their routine, so what is she to do? I would also feel resentful at not getting out in the car if I were in her shoes, so do try to reinstate her usual trips in the car. He is my 9 year old service animal and has never ever left a mark but lately when I take a shower he does. He even sits behind it waiting for me to see it! Its just he and I in the apartment so we have always had a open-door policy because he freaks if he cant see me … its his job after all.

Ive started telling him I was going to take a shower and remind him not to potty on my floor and its helped but Im the one thats about to be stressed about this. I do believe in jealousy and spiteful marking…. For example…. Address the anxiety that comes about from your dog being too attached to you…and the marking may very well fade away. Stick to those 3 categories…use the training protocols to change the behavior..

She is 5 yrs.

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  • The good news is that separation anxiety is almost always entirely treatable!